Modern Approaches to Collaborating Across Architecture Disciplines | Past Expert Insights Webinar

Past Expert Insights Webinar

Modern Approaches to Collaborating Across Architecture Disciplines

You do not need to be a business architect to find this series useful, others will also find benefit for themselves and their organizations

  • Enterprise architects
  • product owners
  • project managers
  • business analysts


This is Part Three of a Three Part Series:

The Modern Business Architect: Lessons from the Field

Learn How to Collaborate Across Architecture Disciplines

In today’s complex business and digital environments, business architects often have to work closely with other architects, such as enterprise, data, and solution architects.  In this session we will explore modern operating models for organizing different types of architects, along with approaches companies are taking to improve collaboration.

Dean Heltemes


A Modern Business Architect working in the field and teaching for Metro State’s business architecture program. Read more about Dean’s experience on the IPD Staff Page