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How Mature Are You? | A Workplace Blog

Learn how as little as 15 minutes or having 2 or 3 conversations can determine where you are on the capability maturity model can save you time, money, and frustration.

Celebrating the Grumpy Coworker Part 3: Too Much of a Good Thing | A Workplace Blog

While there are benefits of having a curmudgeon on your team, curmudgeonly behaviors have their limits. Learn more here….

Heard! Spreading Love in your Workplace | A Workplace Blog

You can contribute to a positive workplace environment by learning some team lessons from the restaurant kitchen.

Celebrating the Grumpy Coworker: Part 1 – Curmudgeon | A Workplace Blog

New research is debunking the myth that the always-happy employee is your most productive employee.

Celebrating the Grumpy Coworker Part 2: Because the Research Says So… | A Workplace Blog

Research says a team should have at least one grumpy coworker on your team or in your department. Read about four of the reasons.

Interdependence Part 2: The Power of Ubuntu: How Connection Can Change the World | A Workplace Blog

Explore the philosophy of Ubuntu and unlock the power to change your team and make a lasting impact in the world.

Eyeshadow Can Change Your Life | A Workplace Blog

My most successful resolution occurred about 10 years ago when I resolved to wear eyeshadow every day. I ended up losing 60 pounds.

Making Your Lists and Checking Them Twice | A Workplace Blog

Be aware of how holiday celebrations may affect your staff and coworkers in different ways to help reduce the stress of the holiday season.

Interdependence Part 1: The Goal | A Workplace Blog

We are not working on an island. We need to teach people to work interdependently, ask for help early, and work with others to dream big and solve large problems.

Public Sector Hiring Challenges (and Solutions)- Part 2: Disrupt and Innovate | A Workplace Blog

Ignite a spark for the Minnesota Public Sector to collectively promote ourselves as a great career option! Be disruptive and innovative with these links to organizations and events.

Public Sector Hiring Challenges (and Solutions) Part 1: Recruit | A Workplace Blog

While almost every industry sector is suffering with the challenge of the Great Resignation, public sector is suffering more than others. Learn six Talent-Recruiting Actions to Find Public Sector Employees in Minnesota

Pets, People, and Practices: Rethinking Bereavement Policies for a Diverse Workplace | A Workplace Blog

DEI policies often fall short in bereavement policies. Ensuring employees can grieve is essential for a company’s health and longevity. Learn more…

It’s More Than Memorizing a List: Inclusive Language in the Workplace | A Workplace Blog

Inclusive language in our workplaces is essential. Learn three ways to improve the use of inclusive language in the workplace.

Who’s Sitting at Your Table? Part 2: It’s Beyond What You Can See | A Workplace Blog

It’s Beyond What You Can See. Part 2 of Who’s Sitting at Your Table?

Who’s Sitting at Your Table? Part 1:The Dinner Party | A Workplace Blog

By: Destyn Land, M.Ed.   Imagine that you were personally invited to a dinner party hosted by one of your favorite celebrities (for me this would be the late Chadwick Boseman). Upon your arrival, you realize the table you were assigned to sit at has seats that you do not

What’s Love Got to Do with It? | A Workplace Blog

When we think about our work lives, and the way that we engage with our colleagues, I imagine most of us (including me) would ask, “What’s love got to do with it?”

Diversify to Recruit and Retain | A Workplace Blog

Learn 6 workplace values sought be younger generations and 4 actions leaders can take to demonstrate those values and diversify their culture.

Happy Holidays? | A Workplace Blog

By Beth Schaefer IPD Director Last week I attended an annual holiday party with friends that I have been attending for 30-some years.  Fun!  It was a potluck, and I made a pretty ordinary salad – for about $35 dollars in grocery supplies – not fun.   While many of us

The Value of Chit Chat | A Workplace Blog

Improve well-being, production, and creativity at work with one magical bullet that you are probably already doing … Chit Chat!

Employee Retention Part 4: Six Things You Can Skip to Improve Employee Engagement | A Workplace Blog

This article will discuss the 6 myths your organization should avoid if it wants to help those immediate supervisors maintain engaged employees.