You can have IPD deliver workshop style interactive learning:

  • at your site

  • virtually through our Zoom learning platform

  • at the Metro State Training Center in Midway area near the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

Get good value from your training budget by working with IPD to bring these classes to your city, county, or state agency employees by having IPD help you find quality instructors who understand the unique attributes of public sector work.

Training Options For City, County, or State Agency Employees in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Surrounding Suburbs.


Public Sector Supervision Certificate

Public Sector Communication Training and Team Building

Public Sector Communication Training for Front-Line Staff

Public Sector Project Management Training

Change Management Training for Public Sector Leaders

Process Improvement Training for the Public Sector

Training Designed for Minnesota Public Sector Employees.

Most training programs are aimed at corporate entities which usually requires public sector employees to translate profit to funding, customers to citizens, and products to services.  Public employees are smart enough to do this translating, but training courses would be more engaging for your employees if the information and the examples and scenarios matched their everyday experiences.

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IPD provides a worry-free training experience — which means you do not worry that people will come back and tell you their time was wasted.

  1. Training includes opportunity for the participants to think about immediate application of new skills and knowledge.
  2. Courses and workshops are interactive.
  3. Instructors have been vetted and their experience aligns with your training needs.
  4. Handouts encourage engagement, not just a reprint of a slide deck.
  5. Instructors bring energy to laugh and engage with the audience and listen to questions and concerns and respond accordingly.
  6. Training has an instructional focus on both art (working with people) and science (skills, tools techniques) to completely address a concept.

IPD has training options for your supervisors, managers, front-line staff.  We can take existing courses and customize them to meet your specific training needs in:

  • Public Sector Supervising
  • Communication
  • Team Building
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Process Improvement