Many businesses want better process so that they can streamline and drive more profit.

In the public sector, better processes serve citizens better and save tax dollars.  All organizations have process whether written down or not or standardized or not.

All organizations have process whether written down or not; standardized or not.  Let IPD help you move your organization across the capability maturity model when it comes to process improvement.

Here are some options for improving the way your city, county, or state agency approaches process.  If you do not see the training you need, contact IPD so that we can build training that engages your people to improve the products and services you provide to the public.

Public Sector Continuous Improvement Page Options

Process Improvement Workshop

This highly customized workshop has leaders identify a problem they need to solve.  Through a series of workshop days, leaders will work on solving that problem using a “learn and do” approach.

Time between workshop sessions will allow leaders to apply the methods in real-time on their problem.

This workshop has a heavy focus on identifying stakeholders and facilitation tools to gather and analyze their input.

Change Management for Public Sector Leaders

Although there are often jokes about how slow government is to change, government entities actually schedule change – in the form of regularly scheduled elections.  While elections bring change, so do new laws, policies or mandates (and our favorite – unfunded mandates).   Just like the corporate world, change is also generated from new technology, staff turnover, pandemics, and mergers or realignment within the organization or with another organization.  Sometimes, change bubbles up internally in the forms of continuous improvement or process improvement or new operations apps and software.  Phew – lots of change!

Prepare your leaders with tools and strategies to improve prioritizing change, coordinating changes, communicating change, and evaluation the risks that come with change.

Managing the Public through Change

Many of public-facing employees need to provide customer service and enforce rules, regulations, and policies for the city, county, or state agency. Often the changes to these rules and policies catch the public off-guard.  This misunderstanding can create tension and put stress on your public-facing employees to handle difficult situations.


This training will help your community service officers, your inspectors, your park and rec staff, your “window workers,” or other roles that frequently work with the public remain ambassadors for your organization while explaining changes in rules, policy, and enforcement.  Positive interactions with the public will help your organization’s image and retain your employees.


Topics in this training include:

  • Being an Ambassador
  • Communicating When Stressed or in Conflict
  • De-escalating: Assessing Situations and Using Empathy

Training will also include managing internal stakeholders so that front-line workers know how to get the information they need for public interaction.