The Public Sector Supervision Certificate builds leadership competencies skills and knowledge of your managers and supervisors to lead in the public sector.

Many public sector leaders are promoted into their roles for their exceptional work in the department.  However, transitioning from doing the work to leading the work and the people who do it, can be challenging.


This certificate consists of customizing the four training modules below:

Time to Lead

Three courses that provide supervisors the opportunity to refine their leadership style and use their style to strategically and intentionally harness change and conflict for better department outcomes.

Do not just let things happen, make things happen.


Supervisor Survival

Three courses that focus on the transition from being in a department to leading a department.

While supervisors bring valuable knowledge and experience to the role, supervising is about directing work rather than doing the work.  These courses will help define the work that comes with being a supervisor along with communication skills to have difficult conversations and lead meetings.

Managing Up and Out

Three courses that define the role supervisors play at an organizational level.

In addition to managing the work of their departments, supervisors also need to connect to the organization.  Leaders learn how to have a positive influence on the organization and get the resources needed for department work.

HR Essentials

Three courses that focus on the supervisor’s roles in executing human resource duties.

Supervisors play a crucial role in finding, developing, and retaining the talent in their departments.  Research shows work environment is more important than financial compensation for people to stay in their roles.  Make sure your organization is where people want to work.

These series were built with significant input from the Association of Minnesota Counties staff, its board of county leaders, and staff from the League of Minnesota Cities.

IPD offers these courses statewide and maintains records so if your employees already completed courses in a previous role, we can let you know so that they do not repeat the training.

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