The Top Four Obstacles to Problem Solving


This month we are featuring a free webinar on how to solve problems so that you do not need to solve them again.


So, I took a quick look out on the world wide web, to see what obstacles people are facing to getting problems solved – especially as many of us are in transition from remote working to being back in the office.


Turns out that, at least at a high-level, it does not matter if you are remote or in the office or somewhere in between.   The obstacles seem to be the same.


  1. Lack of communication and sharing of information
  2. Lack of long-term thinking
  3. Silos, and along with that, not having everyone moving towards the same goal or in the same direction
  4. People who seem uninterested in engaging in problem-solving


Depending on the survey or article, these will change in order, but they remain quite consistent.


Consider this – do you have a process to solve problems?   Defining a problem-solving process and reflecting on how to make it better each time you finish solving a problem will help you address these four obstacles.


We are interested in hearing from you.  Take a minute to answer our survey question.   We will share the results in our webinar on August 25th.