Are You Fixing or Solving?

Past Expert Insights Webinar From August 2021

All organizations have problems— it’s how we handle them that matters!

If it feels like your teams go in circles looking for answers to fix a problem only to have to fix it again the next month or next quarter, this webinar is for you!

Learn the difference between fixing and solving problems so that you can help your teams make real progress towards solutions so that problems are solved the first time.

You’ll leave knowing what it means to truly solve a problem and the fixing pitfalls to avoid.



Christine Moore

Christine Moore is a Project (PMP®) and Process Expert along with being certified as a professional facilitator by the International Association of Facilitators.  She continues to hone the best way to fix a problem just once.  She will draw on her experiences from working with both corporate and public sector (without naming names) to teach you what she has learned about solving problems – one time. Read more about Christine on our instructor page.