Why Your Organization Can Use Business Architecture

Since business architecture is an emerging discipline, you may be hesitant to commit to paying for someone at your organization to attend business architecture training.  Here are 5 reasons why your investment would be wise.

Business architecture concepts can be used every day to help your organization grow and prosper.

Even if you do not have the role of  “Business Architect” at your organization, having people who understand business architecture will still be a benefit. Just like millions of people use project management tools as part of their daily jobs without the title of  “Project Manager,” your organization can benefit from the immediate use of the techniques and concepts learned in a business architecture certification course.

Business Architects are neutral problem-solvers that break down silos.

Business architects have tools that they can use at any point of a business problem to help business leaders and operational leaders define problems and solutions at a department level, a division level, or (ideally) an enterprise level. Business architects operate outside the silos that can hinder your organization’s ability to work cross-functionally toward one set of objectives.  Unless your organization is problem-free, you can use these skills and tools.

Business Architects draw the connection between where you are today and where you envision being in the future.

Besides tools, business architecture teaches people a new way of thinking.  It provides a lens that allows a business architect to ask the right questions that define a business strategy or growth opportunity and create the roadmap (literally, there are a variety of roadmaps) to show the way from the current state to future potential.

Business Architects get the strategy right the first time.

Do you sometimes roll out initiatives that miss the mark?   Do they create less value than anticipated, or do they actually make things worse for your customers?  Business architects learn about relationship management.  They find out who needs to be at the table and heard before strategic initiatives get speeding along in the wrong direction.

Business Architects help you prioritize resources.

Does your organization have more improvements and initiatives than it has resources to invest in? Business Architecture can help your company align its resources (people, data, technology, and processes) with what it needs to grow.

Do not wait for the official title. Do not wait for the official department. Do not wait to start using business architecture everyday in your organization because…

Business Architecture solves business problems!