Project Management Training for public sector professionals follows the accepted project management theory used by the corporate world and endorsed by PMI®.

The classes will add emphasis to certain aspects such as stakeholders that play a large role in public sector projects, and de-emphasize certain aspects, such as establishing budget since this usually happens prior to projects being assigned to a project manager.

As with our other classes, project management courses can be adjusted to align with wherever your city, county, or state agency is on its project management journey.

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You can have IPD deliver workshop style interactive learning:

  • at your site
  • virtually through our Zoom learning platform
  • at the Metro State Training Center in Midway area near the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

Training Options:

Succeeding with Public Sector Projects

Three Day Course

This course introduces your project managers to the 5 phases and 13 knowledge areas used by the Project Management Institute ®.   More than just telling, this workshop shows project management tools through role-playing when the participants become project managers in the fictional city of Dillard.  Dillard has lots of growth, lots of competing priorities, and no project management consistency. Through interactive exercises and discussions, your employees will build their project management skills and confidence.

Sponsoring Public Sector Projects

Half Day Training

IPD highly recommends that you pair the Succeeding with Public Sector Projects with this training to prepare your management team to support the project managers in your organization.

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