Does Your Company Need More Convincing to Send You to Business Architecture Certification Training?

Since Business Architecture is still a relatively new concept, your organization may be hesitant to commit.

Here are some FAQ’s to help you persuade them to let you take Biz Arch Boot Camp.

Q1 – You do not have the title or role of “Business Architect;” why would you need a Business Architecture certificate?

A1 – Just like millions of people who daily use project management tools as part of their jobs without the title of Project Manager, your company can benefit from the immediate use of the techniques and concepts learned in our Business Architecture certification course.

Q2 – What does Business Architecture do?

A2 – It solves problems: at a department level, a division level, or (ideally) an enterprise level.  Unless your organization is problem-free, you can use the tools and concepts in your work.

Q3 – Is there sometimes a disconnect between your company’s current execution and operational practices and its strategic vision?  

A3 – The unique Business Architecture techniques you learn in our course will help with that.

Q4 – Does your organization sometimes roll out initiatives that miss the mark with those who use them?   They create less value than anticipated, or worse, actually decrease the value for your customers because the correct people were not consulted before the change?

A4 – Our Business Architecture tools teach you how to keep this from happening in the future.

Q5 – Does your organization have more improvements and initiatives than it has resources to invest in?


A5 – Yes, Business Architecture can teach you tools to help your company prioritize your resources.

Do not wait for the official title.   Do not wait for the official department.  Start using Business Architecture today because basically…

Business Architecture solves business problems!

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