Business Architecture 201: Session 1

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This session will focus on business capabilities and their role and position in the larger business architecture framework.  It will explain how capabilities can be used as building blocks to achieve the outcomes an organization strives to define and execute and demonstrate how capabilities use and modify information with an example drawn from ongoing work to transform Minnesota’s human service delivery systems.

]About the Series:

This series will explore the core business architecture domains that DHS is leveraging to integrate service delivery and develop an enterprise portfolio of products.   The series will be especially helpful to the public sector and others whose product is a service, rather than a tangible item for purchase.

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As the name 201 suggests, those with some background in business architecture or enterprise architecture may find the series more informative.

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Katherine (Kit) Shelton from the Department of Human Services (DHS) for the State of Minnesota is applying business architecture to help DHS transform service delivery by coordinating distributed work to integrate services and transition to a product operating model. She and two other Enterprise Business Architects in the Agency Effectiveness Administration lead a cross-functional team of business experts from all over the department to apply shared principles and common standards across business units to integrate multiple perspectives into a single enterprise-wide business framework.