To coincide with the IPD Expert Insights free webinar series on transforming the workplace using the Modernization Playbook, I thought I should take a look at workplace transformation on a personal level.   For the first time in quite a while, workers are in demand so it stands to reason that they in a position to force their employers to “do better,” not only on compensation, but on benefits, working conditions, and even employee engagement.

America is in the midst of The Great Resignation: I found plenty of statistics that confirmed this, but this set paints the picture quickly and clearly:

  • 24 million Americans quit their jobs between April and September 2021
  • 4 million Americans quit their jobs in September
  • 5 million Americans quit their jobs in November
  • Vacant jobs are still setting records with December 2021 showing 10.9 million openings in the U.S.

Since many of these departures were related to the pandemic and people not wanting to be in roles required to interact in-person, it is not surprising that as the economy recovers, current demand has risen for Industries related to travel, hospitality, and recreation.

However, the shift in how America works has also created vacancies in software and IT services, corporate services, and finance.

A MarketWatch article cited statistics from Glassdoor after it released its annual 50 Best Jobs in America for 2022.  The IT field was on top – actually taking all top 10 spots.  Enterprise Architect was in the #1 spot.  You can make $144,997 annually and with 14,021 job openings, you can probably find something to meet your work/life balance needs. Think of the value-add you bring to an IT role if you added some business architecture to your resume!

Not wanting to do IT?  Some non-tech jobs in the top 50 included:  HR Manager (#13), Corporate Recruiter (#17) and HR Business Partner (#39).  Also all roles that would benefit from business architecture training.

When I started on the topic of career transformation, I was going to write one article; however, I found so much information that I decided to write a series instead.  The Career Transformation Series will help you assess your own career situation and provide some possible actions steps for you to take so that you capitalize on The Great Resignation.

Beth Schaefer, Director

IPD at Metro State


Part 1: Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Evaluating Your Current Organization and Situation

This article will include information about evaluating your current work culture, the signs for departing, and a workplace asset assessment.



Part 2:  You’ve Got Leverage: 

Using The Great Resignation to Transform Your Current Situation

If you decide to stay, this article will focus on the steps you should take to move your career forward, including tips for negotiating better compensation, steering for a promotion, and building your personal career brand.



Part 3: Make Your Move:

Leveraging The Great Resignation to Make a Career Change

If you decide to go, this article will provide resources for casting a wide net, preparing for a career transition, and ensuring you negotiate compensation in line with your worth.

If you are interested in researching on your own, check out this list of resources to get started.

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