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The Leadership Toolbox: The Change Chart because change is also a Verb

June 14, 2022

Noon – 1pm

Register By: Monday June 13, 2022

The Change Chart

Join IPD for the launch of a new type of Expert Insights: The Leadership Toolbox.  

Now and again, IPD will offer a Leadership Toolbox webinar.   These webinars will be short on theory and long on practical application.  They will feature one tool that is easy for leaders to use and implement.   Whether you are a leader by title or by character or both, you will find these tools useful.

The Leadership Toolbox Launch will feature The Change Chart.  Our speaker frequently uses the Change Chart (do not waste time googling as this is her made-up name for it).  Prior to Covid, change was difficult; during Covid, it was unavoidable; and as we transition “back to normal, change is overwhelming.  The Change Chart may not be the answer to all of your change issues, but our speaker is hopeful that it can move you from inaction (change is hard) to solution (change is doable).

If you find yourself using the mantra, “People do not like change,” as an explanation for failed change efforts, IPD encourages you to join this webinar and add the Change Chart to your Leadership Toolbox.

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Beth Schaefer


You know Beth Schaefer as the host of the Expert Insights series, but she also manages the staff of the Institute for Professional Development at Metro State as part of the university’s leadership team.  Prior to her role at Metro State, Beth was the director of an area learning center serving grades 7 – 12. In this role, she led teachers, staff, students, and parents through experiential learning and the changes that occur during those secondary education years. In her leadership roles, Beth mostly navigates change that is generated by external forces (economy, pandemic, legislation) to meet the needs of customers while lacking the time, money, and resources that would make those changes easier to lead.

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