Improve business strategy planning and execution with Business Architect Guild Accredited Training for your employees.

It no longer matters if your workplace is a small start up, public sector, or a large enterprise; or if your end goals are customer satisfaction, cutting costs, or managing change; there is a need on all teams for individuals who possess the innovative tools and techniques that are part of the practice of business architecture.

Transform your current business analysts, project managers, enterprise architects, and business leaders into business architects or use this training to grow the thought leadership of leaders in departments such as HR, finance, and IT.

During our course, your employees will experience hands on application, meaningful class interaction, and gain a thorough understanding of the theory behind business architecture and how best to apply it. This approach sets our courses apart from traditional classroom experiences. Our courses are taught by practicing business architects with experience across the finance, supply chain, retail, insurance, government, and medical device manufacturing industries. Their resumes include Fortune 500 companies such as Cargill, Target, Medtronic, Wells Fargo, Prudential, Ameriprise Financial and Be the Match.

If your company is located outside the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, we are happy to travel to your location, or your employees can travel to our convenient training location near the MSP Airport and take the course in a multi-day “bootcamp” style training.

Our training is built around your needs. 

For additional information on course content and outlines take a look at:

Course 1 –  Understanding the Business

Course 2 – Business Strategy to Execution 

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Let us know what you are looking for, and we will customize and build a program for you.

Whether our Business Architecture Guild-Approved certificate course is the best option for your team to learn tools such as business capability modeling, value streams, or mapping; or if customizing the certificate to include the layering of customer experience through Empathy Maps and Human-Centered Design to create a truly customer-focused value proposition, our customized training option helps companies more clearly define current state, future state, and the gaps in between.

Looking For a Virtual Option?

Online Business Architect Certificate Training