Business Architecture Workplace Training

Improve business strategy planning and execution with Business Architect Guild Accredited Training for your employees.

Business Architecture training with topics tailored to what your organization needs.

IPD is set up to deliver an in-person training experience if you are located in the Twin Cities Metro Area, or we can deliver training virtually if you have people working at multiple locations.

While our training aligns with the Business Architecture Guild®, we provide practical real-life application of the theories based on the experience of our instructors who are practicing business architects with experience across industries, such as finance, supply chain, retail, insurance, government, and medical device manufacturing with companies such as Cargill, Target, Medtronic, Wells Fargo, Prudential, Ameriprise Financial, Cummins, and Be the Match.

With the disruptions in how our customers experience our organizations, now – more than ever, we need business architecture to frame our value and provide a streamlined satisfactory user experience. Maybe you keep putting off training because there just isn’t time. However, in today’s fast-paced customer-focused environment, the only way to pivot and change on user experience is to make sure your architecture at the enterprise level is solid. The more solid your architectural framework, the easier it is to flex your business with both internal and external forces.

Get your business architects, business line leaders, business analysts, and project managers all pulling in the same direction using tools such as business capability modeling, value streams, or capability mapping. Or customize the certificate to include customer experience through empathy maps and Human-Centered Design to create a truly customer-focused value.

Use our 2-part certificate as a starting point for customizing business architecture training for your organization’s needs:


Understanding the Business

Learn tools to determine the value you can deliver to your defined customer segments.

Introduction to Business Architecture

Business Context and Environment

Know Your Customers

Design Thinking

Applying in Real Life

Case Studies


Strategy to Execution

Learn tools to determine the value you can deliver to your Analyze your current state and map a route to obtaining your future desired state.customer segments.

Business Capabilities

Business Capabilities Enablers

Strategy Alignment to Capabilities

Maturity Assessment

Strategic Roadmap

Intersections of Business Architecture

Final Project

If participants are members of the Business Architecture Guild, IPD can send the Guild renewal units for this training.

Let us know what you are looking for, and we will customize and build a program for you.

Whether our Business Architecture Guild-Approved certificate course is the best option for your team to learn tools such as business capability modeling, value streams, or mapping; or if customizing the certificate to include the layering of customer experience through Empathy Maps and Human-Centered Design to create a truly customer-focused value proposition, our customized training option helps companies more clearly define current state, future state, and the gaps in between.

Looking For a Virtual Option?

Online Business Architect Certificate Training