Business Architect Certificate -
Part 2: Business Strategy to Execution

Module 1: Introduction to Business Capabilities


  • Learn the general concepts and value of using Business Capabilities
  • Identify and decompose capabilities
  • Create capability definitions using a case study
  • Describe the various modeling techniques and how they’re used

Module 2: Business Capabilities Enablers


  • Identify what enables an organization’s business capabilities
  • Describe the various modeling techniques and how they’re used
  • Apply relational modeling using a case study

Module 3: Strategy Alignment to Capabilities


  • Learn the general concepts of Business Strategy
  • Understand the challenges of translating strategy into execution
  • Describe the various business strategy techniques and how they’re used
  • Introduce a model to align business capabilities to business strategy

Module 4: Maturity Assessment


  • Introduce a model to assess the current maturity of business capabilities

Module 5: Strategic Roadmap


  • Clearly articulate future/desired state at appropriate level
  • Use target performance/gap analysis as business architecture tools
  • Create applicable roadmaps

Module 6: Intersections of Business Architecture


  • Learn the importance of customer and user experience
  • The Desirability, Viability, Feasibility model
  • Learn how product management teams are structured

Module 7 – 9: Final Case Study


  • Apply your new skills to solve a business problem for Middlewestern Financial Services
  • Process the experience and present your learning to the cohort
  • Successful case study completion and class participation earn the E-Badge for the Business Architect Certificate

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