Business Architect Certificate - Part 1: Understanding the Business

Module 1: Introduction to Business Architecture


  • Articulate the business need and value of Business Architecture
  • Relate role of Business Architecture to other organizational disciplines
  • Identify, at a high-level, tools in the business architecture toolkit
  • Define nine blocks of a business model canvas

Module 2: Business Context and Environment


  • Understand organization holistically & environment in which business architecture exists
  • Use tips and strategies for extracting
  • Leverage various methodologies to describe the external environment
  • Describe a company through the lens of business architecture and know how to define and generate a basic component of a business model canvas

Module 3: Know Your Customers


  • Use tips and strategies for extracting:
    • Customer segments
    • Value proposition
  • Create a deep understanding of your customer(s) using:
    • Jobs
    • Pains
    • Gains
  • Ensure your products & services meet/exceed your customers’ expectations

Module 4: Design Thinking


  • Create a deeper understanding of your customer(s) using:
    • Personas
    • Customer Journey Maps
    • Value Streams

Module 5: Applying in Real Life


  • Understand the approaches and considerations for launching a business architecture practice within an organization
  • Describe the skills, tactics, and techniques used by a business architect
  • Appraise organizational culture in relation to maturity and change readiness
  • Identify common pitfalls to avoid
  • Apply approaches and considerations to real-life scenarios
  • Inventory skills with the BIZBOK Business Architect Skills Palette
  • Apply the BAMM to launching a business architecture practice

Module 6: Case Study


  • Apply your new skills to a case study
  • Practice using the tools to identify customer jobs, pains, and gains

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