IPD Welcomes Eric to the Team – New Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program Specialist

Eric Dormoh, Jr is our new DEI Program Specialist.

He started January 3rd and is connecting with organizations that want Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training in their organizations.

Once Eric has made those rounds, he will pick up the work of Destyn Land and:

1.  Continue to build and launch the DEI Workplace Influencer Certificate – available to individuals who are shaping DEI in their workplaces through their role in HR, or the role on a DEI committee or task force, or their role as a department or division leader.

2. Build and Launch the DEI Advancing Program.  This will be a subscription model for virtual training on new DEI laws, evolving DEI best practices, and tips and strategies for navigating awkward work situations – especially those related to current events and headlines.

To see Eric in action, check out the January Expert Insights session.