St Paul Customized Workplace Leadership Training

Why is being a leader so challenging?

Even though the expected skill set for leaders continues to expand, their preparation for the role has not changed.  Most people are promoted into leadership roles because of their subject matter expertise; however, anyone in a leadership role knows that leaders do not spend as much time on operations and process as they spend on influencing, ushering, analyzing, communicating, resolving, and mediating.  And….most leaders have not had any special preparation for these skills.  In addition, to technical knowledge and “soft skills,” leaders are also required to know their company’s HR policies and execute those fairly, equitably, and ethically.  Finally, sprinkle in the organization’s desire for leaders to have knowledge of continuous improvement, agile, business process and capabilities, and change and project management, and requirements for new leaders are almost unattainable.

It is no wonder that organizations are seeking solutions to provide additional support to their leaders.

Customized training can help you develop leaders for any of these situations:

  1. Your organization does not have an internal training department, and you would like to provide onboarding for new supervisors and managers.
  2. Your organization provides leadership onboarding that focuses on policy, and you would like to supplement that training with professional development focused on communication, employee engagement, problem-solving and managing change.
  3. You have identified a specific problem or need that could be improved if a team of leaders received targeted professional development.
  4. You want leaders to engage across siloes and recognize that a shared professional development experience can jump start collaborative work.

While our training will help your individual leaders up their game, providing that training as a cohort has additional benefits:

  • Leaders can help hold each other accountable for implementing what they learn at training
  • Leaders get to know their fellow leaders better – which allows for better communication across teams and improved collaboration
  • Leaders use common vocabulary, concepts, and approaches that help standardize the expectations of the workplace culture
  • We can tailor our classes to align with your organization’s mission, vision, and strategy along with your workplace standards, terminology, and templates

See our customized training options on Projects for additional leadership training opportunities.