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IPD has training options to develop leadership skills for your managers, supervisors, and project managers through in-person classes in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and the surrounding Twin Cities area, or we can deliver most classes virtually to wherever your leaders are located.

Training and professional development is not just a great way to improve the problem-solving and communication skills at your organization, it is also a great tool to recruit and retain employees.   You may be promoting people into new leadership roles at a faster pace as your organization experiences turnover at a higher rate following the pandemic.

Enhancing leaders’ skills will help you retain employees.   Developing employees will help you keep employees.

While our training will help your individual leaders increase their skills, providing that training as a cohort has additional benefits:

  • Leaders can help hold each other accountable for implementing what they learn at training
  • Leaders get to know their fellow leaders better – which allows for better communication across team and improved collaboration
  • Leaders use common vocabulary, concepts, and approaches that help standardize the expectations of the workplace culture
  • We can tailor our classes to align with your organization’s mission, vision, and strategy along with your workplace standards, terminology, and templates

Do these problems sound familiar to you?

  • We have a lot of meetings that really do not accomplish much.

  • I need my leaders to reach across the silo and collaborate on problem-solving.

  • Our leaders need to do a better job of determining root cause before implementing a continuous improvement solution.

  • We have trouble with stakeholder management because we do not take the time to identify all the internal and external stakeholders.

  • We are good at starting projects and implementing change, but we do not always complete them or sustain them long-term.

  • We do not always appreciate the diverse set of skills and approaches on our teams or in our departments.