Leadership – Managing Change

Training Designed For Any Leader to Better Manage Change

Even if your business is fortunate enough to have a change management office, research tells us that those leading projects, process improvement initiatives, and departments are the ones that can smooth the way for change – or not.

Our courses not only help leaders understand how they manage change for themselves, they learn how their fellow leaders approach change, and they learn their role as a leader in change management.

You can have IPD deliver workshop style interactive learning:

  • at your site
  • virtually through our Zoom learning platform
  • at the Metro State Training Center in Midway area near the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

Training Options:

Leading Through Change

Half Day Training

This workshop will help your leaders understand their own reactions to change so that they can help others through changes.  Your leaders will identify their go-to reactions for change and how it affects their work. They will learn about the change curve, its phases, and how it rolls out.  They will apply this information to their role in helping their teams or departments navigate change.

Leading Stakeholders Through Change

Half Day Training

Gaining and keeping the support of key stakeholders is essential to the success of any change initiative or project. If your leaders are using the same email to report to every stakeholder, they are probably missing opportunities to keep stakeholders invested and enthusiastic about their initiatives and projects.  This ½ day workshop will help your leaders identify and keep stakeholders engaged in initiatives and projects. Based off the book and research by Daniel Pink – To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth about Motivating Others.

Make the Most of the Pandemic

Full Day Training

The pandemic generated changes in process and customer service at a rate not seen before.  Most of the changes were generated by external forces, and they constantly evolved based on statistics and medical research.  Just keeping operations going was challenging enough that many leaders did not have time to apply any strategic change management techniques.

While experience is a good teacher, processing that experience through the lens of change theory, will help your leaders apply lessons learned from the pandemic and move change from chaotic and spontaneous to thoughtful and strategic.

This interactive training workshop will start with having your leaders reflect on change practices and take an assessment of their own change responses.  They will learn about change theory, responses to change, and their role as a public sector leader in leading and managing change in a department, division, or organization and apply what they learn to assess a change they managed or experienced during the pandemic.