Meetings that Matter

3 days (or six ½ day sessions)

Up to 24 people

 The word “meeting” now has one of the most negative connotations in the workplace.  The majority of people find them to be a waste of time.  This training series can help meetings be positive and productive.  Start with these modules on effective meetings and involve your leaders in agreeing to and using meeting standards for when and how to run meetings that move your organization forward.

Module 1: Best Practice for Productive Meetings

Leaders taking this module will:

  1. Connect meetings to organizational goals:
    • What types of meetings do we have and what is their purpose?
    • Why do meetings need to be more productive?
    • What is “productive”?
  2. Improve meeting participation building on communication preferences:
    • Identify communication styles and what each one seeks in well-run meeting
    • Identify the commonalities of what each style wants from a productive meeting and understand the meeting facilitator’s role in making that happen
    • Find the accommodations for each style and identify the facilitator’s role in meeting those

Module 2:  Prepare and Execute the Productive Meeting

Leaders taking this module will:

  1. Build meeting expectations for before, during, and after a meeting:
    • Review agreed upon standards for a productive meeting
    • Build meeting expectations that the meeting facilitator should be responsible for before, during, and after a meeting
  2. Prepare participants for meetings:
    • Understand that productive meetings start with preparation
    • Use steps to preparing a productive meeting
    • Know the decisions a meeting facilitator needs to make to prepare for a meeting (including – Do you need a meeting?)
  3. Understand what the facilitator needs to decide/prepare for special considerations that come with each type of meeting:
    • Execute the meeting
    • Review agreed to format for running a meeting
    • Use tips and strategies to execute the format
  4. Close a meeting:
    • Use best practice to close a meeting
    • Identify how closing steps would change based on the type of meeting

Module 3: Diffuse saboteur behavior

Leaders taking this module will:

  1. Identify meeting behaviors that are disrespectful and/or frustrating and understand the facilitator’s role in reducing these behaviors
  2. Identify Saboteur behavior, their tactics, and why they use them
  3. Create self-awareness of facilitator’s own Saboteur behaviors
  4. Identify strategies that facilitators can use to address Saboteur behaviors:
    • Before a meeting
    • During a meeting

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