IDI® Theory and Coaching for Individuals

To truly generate change on your team, individuals need to move along the intercultural competency continuum.   Intercultural understanding should not be a switch that turns on just at work, it is something that is part of an individual’s values.  As individuals move along the continuum, the group and the culture of the organization will move along the continuum too.

Because this journey is sustained with the encouragement of others, we conduct the Group Training before coaching individuals.  The group training:

  • Sends the message to individuals that diversity competence is important to the organization
  • Prepares leaders to support the journey of individuals
  • Provides the vocabulary and context for individuals to seek support from co-workers

The objectives of the individual coaching sessions are to:

  1. Provide an individual with their orientations on the continuum of where they are and where they want to be
  2. Discuss actions steps that would progress the individual on the continuum
  3. Provide coaching on how to build action steps into career development plan

The training includes:

  1. Pre-consultation meeting with group leader
  2. Administration of IDI® Inventory for 4 individuals
  3. A 45-minute coaching session for 4 individuals
  4. Coaching Debrief Session with leader

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