IDI ® Inventory and Theory Diversity Course for Groups

½ day

up to 24 people

Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding communities

All Intercultural Insights training starts with the IDI® Inventory and Theory for Groups.  This training alone will not “move the needle” on your intercultural goals, but it sets the table and prepares individuals to support each other in the journey.

The objectives of this introductory training are to:

  • Provide a common vocabulary for people to have conversations on their intercultural development
  • Encourage a culture of respect – regardless of where someone is on the continuum
  • Show actions that people can take to step just beyond their comfort zone to foster their intercultural development
  • Build respect of team members by hearing their stories

This training includes:

  1. Pre-consultation meeting with group leader
  2. Administration of IDI® Group Inventory
  3. ½ day of training
  4. Training Debrief Session with group leader

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