Twin Cities Workplace Diversity Training

Diversity training should be more than just ticking a required training box approach.

Our Intercultural Competence and Confidence customized training program,  builds intercultural competency for individuals and provides the confidence for employees outside the training classroom.

Minneapolis/St. Paul and the surrounding Twin Cities area is rich in its diversity of ethnic groups, religions, sexual identities, and age/experience.  Blending all these facets together creates an exciting dynamic workplace with respectful approaches to conflict resolution.

Having cultural competency and tapping into your team’s diversity can lead to:

decrease of:

  • Combative behavior rooted in disrespect
  • Being unwilling or unable to accept change
  • Closed-mindedness on new ideas or view points

An increase in:

  • Inclusive, clear communication
  • Positive, non-argumentative, conflict
  • An openness and acceptance of other points of view
  • Innovation
  • Respectful behavior
  • Supporting team members

Many of our courses are built on the Intercultural Diversity Index® or IDI ® theory and inventory.

This theory provides a springboard for your team to learn tools for respect along with increasing their communication toolset and providing a team-building experience.