Supervisor Start-Up Kit

3 days (or six ½ day sessions)

Up to 24 people

Provide support and increase success for your new supervisors through the Supervisor Start-Up Kit.  While it is essential for new supervisors to understand operations and the organization’s policies, equally important is the transition from doing work to directing work.   This series encourages self-reflection, critical thinking, and relationship-building to help your stand-out employees move into the role of leading a team.

Module 1: Directing Work

Moving into a leadership role brings many new challenges – including how to manage those who were once peers and providing input to other leaders in the organization. This module provides strategies for participants to transition into a leadership role.

Participants in this module will:

  1. Develop an organization strategy to organize the new workload
  2. Manage up the organization by influencing without authority
  3. Design professional emails and messages to get responses
  4. Identify internal and external customers and stakeholders
  5. Delegate work

Module 2: Building Leadership Qualities

EQ or Emotional Quotient is now thought to be more important than IQ when it comes to workplace success.  This module will build awareness of the qualities that people want to see in their leaders and assist your leaders to, not just talk about workplace standards, but model them with their actions.

Participants in this module will:

  1. Use an assessment to identify their EQ or Emotional Quotient to build relationships that allow them to lead a team
  2. Identify the 8 traits that draw people in to want to work with them
  3. Assess those traits in themselves
  4. Design a plan to build both EQ and positive team member traits

Module 3: Using Constructive Communication

This module starts with an assessment for the supervisors to understand their own preferred communication style.  It progresses to understanding how others like to send and receive communication.

Participants in this module will:

  1. Learn to assess the communication styles of others through observable behaviors
  2. Understand how to leverage communication styles to give and receive feedback
  3. Modify messages to communicate in times of stress and conflict

Module 4: Supporting the Employee Life Cycle

Supervisors are responsible for hiring, retaining, and developing their direct reports.  While getting better at these skills should be ongoing throughout a supervisor’s career, this module will build awareness so that supervisors recognize these critical points for employee engagement.

Participants in this module will:

  1. Incorporate strategies to generate the right candidate pool (increasing diversity) to get candidate fit
  2. Build onboarding strategies for an effective employee welcome
  3. Initiate difficult conversations – addressing and eliminating issues prior to performance evaluation
  4. Use best practice for performance evaluations
  5. Understand knowledge transfer process options and communication needed to transition people on and off the team

Module 5: Creating High-Performing Teams

Workers who enjoy their team and enjoy being with their coworkers are less likely to leave their positions, regardless of the challenges that come their way.

Participants in this module will:

  1. Explain the essential ingredients of successful teams
  2. Show how to identify opportunities to improve a team
  3. Recognize team development and how to guide it
  4. Provide practice for using basic teamwork tools

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