½ day

Up to 24 people

Minneapolis, St. Paul, & Surrounding Communities

Teams often discover that communication is the crux of intercultural competence.  As groups learn, when under stress or duress, people can fall into less respectful communication. This course helps individuals recognize and monitor their own actions in conflict, but also recognize when others are not acting at their optimum communication style.   This recognition helps a team to have healthy conflict rather than destructive combat.

Because this course uses terms and concepts associated with the IDI® Inventory, the IDI® Inventory and Theory for Groups should be completed as an initial training step.

The objectives of this course are to:

  1. Increase cultural self and other awareness of cultural differences in how individuals approach and resolve problems and conflicts
  2. Understand the four intercultural conflict styles
  3. Know how and when to accommodate each intercultural conflict style
  4. Increase positive team communication

The training includes:

  1. Standard customization of materials
  2. Pre and post meetings with group leader
  3. Administration of Intercultural Conflict Style (ICS) survey as part of the training session
  4. Aggregated evaluation results with suggested next steps

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