ERP should be more than operational software.

If used correctly, ERP moves IT from the Operations domain to being an integral part of an organization’s Business decisions. This one-hour webinar will provide the first steps for you to bridge the gap between IT and Business.

If you are in IT, you will gain an understanding of how you can impact business, and if you are in Business, you will gain an understanding of how ERP software analytics can influence business decisions.

Although this webinar will view ERP through the SAP lens, the broader concepts can be applied to any ERP software.

  • Recognize the components that are part of a standard ERP system
  • Identify how SAP enhances your Business Process Integration
  • Become aware of how ERP affects Business Intelligence
  • Understand the common misconceptions on SAP business capabilities

About the Presenter

William Gamble is an instructor and expert in IT Management by Business, ERP, Risk Management and Business Audits.