Not long ago, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) training was top down.  Mostly, the HR Department thought it important to make sure that all employees received standard diversity training each year.  Often, the motivation for offering this training was to cover the organization on a legal level.

In the past year, interest in DE&I training is being driven more by employees than by HR.   Individuals are interested in having the tools to build and interact in inclusive, diverse, and respectful workplaces.  In fact, research shows that inclusive working environments are an expectation of the younger workforce and a necessity to recruit and retain new employees.

If your organization’s DE&I strategy ends once you leave the HR department, you are missing an opportunity increase communication, add creative problem-solving, and engage your workforce.


Courses options to build workplace foundations in DE&I with all your employees include:


Understanding Unconscious Bias

Building Cultural Awareness

Big Change with Small Acts of Inclusion