Change and Teams Course

 1/2 day

Up to 24 people

Even when change is welcome, it can create stress as it often generates unwelcomed (and, therefore, unvoiced) feelings.  Maybe a favorite team member is being promoted.  Yeah!  But, that change could bring out feelings of helplessness if the team does not see a clear transition plan. Or feelings of envy if someone else wanted the promotion. Or helplessness if the role will not be backfilled at all, or even fear in the team member being promoted is worried about failing in the new responsibilities.  Communication during times of change is so important, yet stress often causes teams to shut down communications when it is most critically needed.  Understanding change can help your team communicate better to navigate challenging situations.

The participants of this course will:

  1. Have individuals understand their reaction to change
  2. Understand phases of change and diversity of how/when people process change
  3. Understand team-building phases
  4. Discuss behaviors that support team-building or stall team building
  5. Use tools to address behaviors that derail team-building

The training includes:

  1. Standard customization of materials
  2. Pre and post meetings with team leader
  3. Assessment of change style
  4. Aggregated evaluation results with suggested next steps

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