Strengths-Based Teams

1 day (or two ½ day sessions)

Up to 24 people

Minneapolis, St. Paul, & Surrounding Communities

Diversity exists in the way individuals approach their work.  Their approach is often based on their strengths.  By understanding the four core approaches to work, we can better understand and communicate with our coworkers to get work done.  Diversity in approach also assists your team with problem-solving and find innovative solutions.  Have your team take this course and complete team-building exercises to fully utilize the strengths of your team.

The participants in this course will:

  1. Learn about the 4 strength quadrants and understand how they shape our approach to work
  2. Work in strength groups to discover and present strengths of approaches
  3. Work in strength groups to discuss and present limitations of approaches
  4. Understand the value of diverse work styles and learn to leverage individual strengths

The training includes:

  1. Standard customization of materials
  2. Pre and post meetings with team leader
  3. Aggregated evaluation results with suggested next steps

Call (612) 659-7230 for more information on bringing this training course to your team.