Once your organization has started its journey on being more inclusive, the options of what to do and what changes to make can be overwhelming.  As you begin to invest more resources in your Intercultural Competency and Confidence journey, let our consultant help you figure out your destination.


DE&I journeys may need to include more than training to move forward on  diversity goals;  many organizations need a strategic roadmap to ensure significant and lasting change.    Strategy services include facilitated sessions to build your organization’s Strategic DE&I Roadmap. The Roadmap would help you make smart investments in your organization’s DE&I growth.   Critical elements of a DE&I Roadmap include:

  • Vision
  • Values
  • Focus Areas
  • Objectives
  • Projects
  • Project and Training KPI’s


Consultation will include a DE&I readiness assessment to ensure you have the right people, resources, structure, systems, and culture in place to ensure your DE&I journey is productive.

Consultant time will vary based on organizational needs.

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