Are you Ready for Business Architecture?

Congrats on finishing the training and finding out where your Business Architecture skills are currently at!

If you found yourself lacking in an area, below are suggestions on how to increase your skill set in each of the four areas.

Business Architecture Skills

Used to:

  • Define and understand the business problems
  • Identify and use architecture tools for different situations
  • Find opportunities to start using the tools

Communication Skills

Used to:

  • Facilitate meetings
  • Gather and share input
  • Provide updates and frame messaging
  • Train new tools and approaches

Analytical & Logical Reasoning Skills

Used to:

  • Facilitate meetings to help the business
  • Identify problems and use tools to solve
  • See connections & visualize solutions

Consultative Leadership Skills

Used to:

  • Plan and execute plans without authority
  • Identify and manage stakeholders
  • Manage change that comes with business architecture application
  • Influence sponsors and C-Suite

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions on opportunities to develop architecture skills or how to bring business architecture training to your organization.  612-659-7230

The Institute for Professional Development is proud to be a GUILD ACCREDITED TRAINING PARTNER™ (GATP®) of the Business Architecture Guild®