Time TBD

Up to 24 people

Minneapolis, St. Paul, & Surrounding Communities

Inclusion is when employees from all backgrounds can experience personal success and contribute to the organization’s mission.

This interactive workshop introduces the concept of small acts of inclusion, behaviors that have the potential to gradually transform the culture into one that recognizes and affirms the diversity of others. These behaviors are designed to become an ingrained part of day-to-day operations ultimately. The objective is to create a critical mass of participating employees so that inclusion becomes the dominant mode of operation. This learning experience is exceptionally hands-on, interactive, and focused on real-world organizational scenarios.


The objectives of this course are to:

  1. Define inclusion and the advantage it provides to your organization
  2. Provide inclusive action options to individual employees
  3. Shift your workplace to an organization where inclusion is ingrained in everyday acts


The training includes:

  1. Standard customization of materials
  2. Pre and post meetings with leader
  3. Aggregated evaluation results with suggested next steps

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