Project Team Leadership 

A Talent Triangle® Series: Modules that support the team leadership skills needed for projects.

3.5  days (or 7  – ½ day sessions)

Up to 20 people

 Module 1: Project Team Formation

Knowing how to guide a team through change has a positive impact to keeping them engaged in work.  Leaders in this module will:

  1. Understand their own reaction to change
  2. Explain the phases of change and the diversity of how/when people process change
  3. Recognize behaviors that support change or stall change
  4. Connect team phases to the change process
  5. Recognize behaviors that stall team building
  6. Use tools to address behaviors that derail team building

Module 2: Crucial Conversations

Having a well-timed crucial conversation can prevent a small intermittent situation from becoming a big darn deal that impedes the work of the whole team.  In this module, leaders will:

  1. Identify when and how to talk about difficult and uncomfortable issues with others
  2. Explain brain habits and typical behaviors people use when in difficult situations
  3. Harness the power of dialogue to diffuse situations
  4. Use a strategy to identify wants and needs to turn the dialogue into actionable outcomes for finding solutions

Module 3: Creating a High Performing Team

Workers who enjoy their team and enjoy being with their coworkers are less likely to leave their positions, regardless of the challenges that come their way.  This module will:

  1. Explain the essential ingredients of successful teams
  2. Show how to identify opportunities to improve a team
  3. Recognize team development and how to guide it
  4. Provide practice for using basic teamwork tools

Module 4: Getting Past No: The Art of Negotiation

The majority of a manager’s work day could be described as trying to get things from others: a task completed, a form filled out, a signature, a decision, necessary resources… Leaders will be more productive if they can negotiate; this module will help them:

  1. Understand the five steps of negotiation to quickly connect for a “yes” instead of a “no”
  2. Learn to negotiate with personal power instead of position power for mutual interests
  3. Minimize actions that provoke a negative response
  4. Employ active listening to hear obstacles to requests
  5. Ask questions to clarify values and move forward
  6. Delegate work in a manner that clearly communicates expectations
  7. Monitor requests and delegation for quality

Module 5: Leading Through Conflict

Conflict is healthy.  Conflict encourages discussions to identify the root causes of the problems and analyze possible solutions.  However, conflict can make people uneasy.  Effective leaders know how to leverage conflict to be productive – not destructive. Leaders in this module will:

  1. Recognize when to engage in dialogue that is both assertive and cooperative
  2. Develop expertise to discover solutions and present options to customers that allow for the win/win
  3. Find opportunities to collaborate that will generate value and improve relationships for both you and the organization

Module 6: Facilitating for Input

This module focuses specifically on meeting techniques for gathering input. (For more thorough training on leading meetings, see the Meetings Matter series).  Leaders will learn tools for gathering input that go beyond asking the question, “What do you think?”  In this module, leaders will:

  1. Build meeting expectations for input gathering before, during, and after the session
  2. Know the decisions a facilitator needs to make to prepare for gathering input meeting (including – Is a meeting the best method to gather input?)
  3. Prepare participants for an input gathering session
  4. Know the best tools to use to gather input
  5. Use tips and strategies to execute input gathering
  6. Close the session with action steps

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