Retail Information Systems

Length: 48 hours – 15 sessions at 3 hours and 20 minutes

Note: This course combines reduced classroom time with significant online work.  Intermediate computer/internet skills required.  For online learning and course access information go to click on Student Resources.

There will be weekly web conference meetings and 2-3 additional mandatory in-class meeting dates which will be announced by the instructor.

  • Those seeking employment in the area of Retail Information Technology
  • People currently in technical roles who wish to transition into the area of Retail Information Technology
  • Those seeking a career path change to move from a tech role to a business-side role

Please note that taking the course does not guarantee employment, and Oracle Retail software is not a popular choice for businesses in the Twin City area; be open to relocating outside the Twin Cities.

After taking this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the retail industry as a major player in the economy and the critical role retail information systems play for firms in this industry.
  2. Understand how information technology is used to support the distinct sourcing and replenishment practices of retail stores and store chains.
  3. Apply retail information technology to support retailers acquiring appropriate amounts and assortments of merchandise within a particular retail concept and format.
  4. Understand the quantitative skills and techniques commonly used by store managers/buyers/assistants to make strategic management decisions and how these are manifested in retail information systems.
  5. Understand the differences in characteristics between different categories of inventory master data (e.g. fashion vs. staple merchandise) and how these result in variations in merchandise planning data and financial data.
  6. Understand how to use retail information systems to apply merchandising principles in complex retail settings and to clarify merchandise requirements for different types of distribution channels, including stores, mail order, e-tailing and others both in domestic and global marketplaces.
  7. Understand the role of applying negotiating and executive presentation skills to the retail IT projects.
  8. Building an anti-racist learning community and providing high-quality education with continued emphasis on underserved groups, including communities of color and other marginalized communities.
  9. Promoting life-long learning and enabling students from diverse backgrounds to achieve their educational goals.

The Metro State course MIS100 Fundamentals of Information Technology in Organizations, or completion of any business undergraduate degree, or approval from the instructor, Anil Venkoba Rao. If Anil Venkoba Rao’s approval is needed, please contact the College of Management at 612-659-7269.

If you are interested in taking this course as a non-credit course, please contact the Institute for Professional Development at 612-659-7230.

Price: $1,200.00

  • Course Texts: Course Texts: Participants are responsible for purchasing the textbook:
    Winning at Retail: Developing a Sustained Model for Retail Success by Willard N. Ander and Neil Z. Stern.
    ISBN-13: 9780471473572
  • Location: Metropolitan State University
    700 East Seventh Street
    Saint Paul, MN 55108-5253
  • Parking: Paid ramp available at campus
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Registration for Credit: All students that would like to take this course for credit will need to speak with Anil Venkoba Rao through the College of Management.  The College of Management phone number is 612-659-7250 and is located at 1501 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55403.

Registration for Non-Credit: If you are interested in taking this course as a non-credit course, please contact the Institute for Professional Development at 612-659-7230.