Oops and Ouch – Handling “isms” in the Workplace – Free Webinar


Recording of Past Expert Insights Webinar

This past year has raised our collective awareness of racism, sexism and ageism.   While we may understand that we need to change some of our behaviors to align with our beliefs, we are not sure what those steps are or where to begin.

This one-hour free webinar will get you started on how to be inclusive in your workplace.  In two minutes, Malissa will teach you how to use the phrases “oops” and “ouch” to navigate your unintended “ism” comments, but since she gets an hour, she will also discuss micro-aggressions and unconscious bias too.

  • Learn what to say (and not to say) when you hear comments that are based in racism, sexism, and ageism

  • Be a Learner, not a Judger

  • Ask the right questions to be inclusive

  • Understand and navigate your unconscious bias


Instructor: Malissa Adams

Expert Areas:

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Design
  • Systems Change