Fling, Flight, Fight or Flee? What is your go-to reaction to change

When change happens, you might FLING yourself into it; perhaps you FIGHT against it; possibly you take FLIGHT to avoid it; or maybe you FREEZE and ignore it. Change is arriving in a station near you; so why not learn how to navigate change successfully?  Whether you are a leader or individual contributor, supporting and implementing change initiatives requires an understanding of the entire landscape: the why (problem/opportunity), the vision (goal), and the how (plan).

Get on the change train with this informative and fun webinar!

Attendees will:

  • learn the different responses to change
  • determine their go-to response
  • uncover how to navigate change effectively
  • leave with skills to maintain professionalism in the midst of change
  • ask Jeannette about specific situations of change (as time permits)

About the Presenter

JGrace_shoulder_headshot_crop-244x300Jeanette Grace is an instructor with expertise in Communication, Customer Service, Employee Engagement, Conflict Resolution, Teambuilding.