Analytic Skills Training

Business Architecture is a combination of art and science.
Analytical and Logical Reasoning Skills represent the “art” of Business Architecture.

Do you need to build your analytic and logistic skills?

These non-credit workshop experiences will help:

To add skills in business analysis, take Maximizing Agile with Analytics.

This course focuses on using analytics on agile projects.  Learn the basic techniques used by all business analysts.


To help you prepare and analyze a business plan, take Building the Business Case for Change.

Develop the qualitative and tangible benefits of an initiative along with the more difficult to identify intangible benefits.  The course will also help provide strategies on how to present data that is easy to read and sells initiative benefits.


To help you with the “art” of analyzing risks, take Knowing the Risks Leads to Opportunity.

Learn how to manage risk, identify risk and analyze the uncertainty of risk in a situation based on its impact and likelihood.

The Institute for Professional Development is proud to be a GUILD ACCREDITED TRAINING PARTNER™ (GATP®) of the Business Architecture Guild®