William Gamble

Instructor, Institute for Professional Development

Expert Areas
IT Management by Business, ERP, Risk Management, Business Audits

Education/Professional Certificates
BA, Dartmouth College

Relevant experience to topic areas
Project Management, IT Management, Strategic Advisor, CIO, COO

Your philosophy of training in a nutshell

  1. If it is not fun, relevant and engaging, it will not succeed.
  2. It must connect the subject matter with the operational reality of the students.
  3. I always integrate Risk Management concepts to help my students/customer realize financial and business objectives.

Companies where you have provided the type of training you are doing for Metro

  1. Moeller Group, Germany
  2. Grupo Oramazabal, Spain

Why you are excited about your Metro courses
A practical, experience-based approach to Enterprise Systems that bridges business and IT is in demand by Minnesota corporations.