PMP®/CAPM® Test Prep

Through the use of an iPad® simulation participants find themselves immersed in the project management situations they will find on the exam. Because participants actually experience the PMBOK®, they leave with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to pass the new situational exam and improve the performance of their future projects.

The iPad®-based simulation deepens learning by immersing participants in dozens of project management situations relevant to both the exam and real-life project management. The simulation provides a rich multi-media experience designed to increase the levels of learning and give participants an experience to build on.

Each day participants will encounter specific sections of the PMBOK® along with simulation activities, reviews, and quizzes. Practice questions, flashcards, quizzes and additional study aids to accelerate learning.

Anyone who desires to pass the PMP® or CAPM® course and become certified. Note: This course provides an understanding of Project Management Theory and practical applications to put the theory into practice; however, it also spends class time on information specific to taking the PMI ® exams.


  1. Metropolitan State University does not provide a guarantee a passing score on the exam.
  2. For best results, participants should take the PMI® exam with 1 month of completing the course.
  3. Registration for the exam and payment for the exam are separate transactions with the Project Management Institute ®

Taking this course will enable participants to:

  1. Experience the PMBOK®.
  2. Earn the required education hours to qualify for the PMP® or CAPM® exam.
  3. Use practical tools, templates and examples on future projects.
  4. Identify PMI® specific vocabulary to memorize for the exam.
  5. Understand how PMI® defines and approaches project management.
  6. Comprehend initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing processes within project management.
  7. Identify the inputs, tools, techniques, and outputs of each project management process.
  8. Recognize the Project Management Knowledge Areas
  9. Grasp integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, stakeholders, communications, risk, and procurement.
  10. Gain test preparation skills
  11. Utilize tips, tricks & help on how to prepare for and take the PMP®/CAPM® exam.
  12. Employ strategies for listing experience on the PMI® application

This course does not have a prerequisite requirement, but to best utilize the class, come to the first day of class with your PMI ® application already started.

We are currently “under construction” with a virtual option for the test prep course to launch in 2018

  • Materials Provided:
    • PMBOK® (current version)
    • Participant Manual and Prep Study Guide
    • Accelerated Learning Aids (practice tests, word games, etc.)
    • PMP® Prep iPad Application for use during class
    • iPad for use during class
  • 35 Education Contact Hours to register with PMI ® for PMP ® or CAPM ® exam.

Useful websites:

“Awesome class!  Great materials!  I’ve been a project manager by title, but had no idea everything that goes into project management.  I’m excited to put the things I learned to practical use.” – from spring 2015 workshop participant 

 “It was an amazing class with a deeply knowledgeable instructor!”  – from spring 2015 workshop participant

We are currently “under construction” with a virtual option for the test prep course to launch in 2018

If you are registering through the workforce center, you must have your counselor contact IPD directly at