Getting Buy-in for Just About Anything

Length: 4 hours

This course pairs well with Facilitation: A Game-changing Leadership Skill

People who lead teams, departments, change initiatives, process improvement efforts, and/or determine goals and strategic plans.

After taking this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand how change leadership is directly related to your ability to motivate people
  2. Develop a promotional lens to view and motivate people in your role as change agent
  3. Define Attunement and apply its principles to your role as change agent
  4. Build Buoyancy and apply it to change management
  5. Extract Clarity to effectively manage change
  6. Devise an immediate plan to increase your influence as a change agent

Suggested prerequisites: Building the Business Case for Change and Leading Your Stakeholders through Change

These two courses will help you ascertain the tangible benefits to your change proposal and identify  the people you need to influence.

Price: $95.00

  • Course Texts: To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth to Motivating Others by Daniel Pink. This text is included as part of the course fee.

If your organization has at least 6 participants and you desire to host the class at your site or you would like to have this course customized specifically for your organization, contact Beth Schaefer at 651-999-5834 or

“Love that this class is based on a book. We learned concepts and tools and have the book to refer back to!” – from spring 2017 participant

Sessions for upcoming fall semester will be posted soon.

If you are registering through the workforce center, you must have your counselor contact IPD directly at